Bring Along


Similar to the "ride along" function, the "bring along" function also follows the approach of helping each other in the community. The core of this function is that users can bring along needed products for their neighbours. Carré forms the organisational framework.

Especially for older people, in case of illness or when working overtime, this function can be worth its weight in gold. In this way, we can ensure that security of supply for the community is established and guaranteed from within the community. This can help to ensure that people can stay in their own homes for longer.

The friendly helper from within the neighbourhood, who, for example, brings the much longed-for chicken soup against the common cold, is not only showered with gratitude, but can also enjoy a small financial reward.

How it works:



78 years old

Ed is retired and not good on foot anymore, which is why he sold his car. Mentally he is in top shape and keeps in touch with his family through Whatsapp. However, he is afraid of losing personal contact with the neighbourhood and shopping is becoming more and more of a problem.

Jess has her semester break and wants to be involved in the community. If there's some money to be made, it would be even better.

With the Carré function "Bring Along" both can find and help each other. How it works:

  1. Jess opens the Carré App and goes to the "bring along" area.

  2. There she filles out the form and by clicking on "Save", her offer to bring something along is shared in the community.

  3. Ed sees the offer and clicks on "I need something". This prompts him to fill out a digital shopping list. As soon as he has completed it and clicked on "Save", Jess will be informed.

  4. Via the In-App chat function both can clarify last questions, then Jess is off to run the errands.

  5. After the shopping, Jess hands over the purchases to Ed as agreed. After they both chat a bit over tea and pastries - Ed is happy, Jess is happy.

After the successful shopping tour Jess gets a small financial thank you as an additional reward.