Ride Along


In addition to the exclusive use of vehicles, Carré Mobility offers the possibility to drive same routes together with the "ride along" function. This creates social exchange, less road traffic and higher efficiency.

For the joint drive, either a provided sharing vehicle can be used or, if a user has his own vehicle, it can be used for the journey. This allows the number of usable vehicles to be extended beyond the sharing vehicles.

We believe that the social commitment of the driver to take other people along should be rewarded. For this reason, at Carré he receives a small financial reward in addition to gratitude.

How it works:



25 years old

Jess has just moved to the area for her studies, has no car of her own and is looking for connections in the neighbourhood. Her neighbor (Susan) has a car, which she usually uses alone, and actually wishes for more exchange with the neighborhood.


Both run errands on saturday.

​With the Carré function "ride along", both can find each other and drive the same way together.


  1. Susan opens the Carré App and enters the key data (date, time, destinations) for her errands next saturday.

  2. She says yes to the question, if she is willing to take some one along.

  3. By clicking on "Save" the carpooling offer will be shared in the community.

  4. Jess sees the offer and clicks on "I want to ride along"

  5. Using the in-app chat function, both can clarify  last open questions, leading to a mutual agreement! Both are looking forward to the journey together.

After the successful journey Susan gets a small financial thank you as an additional reward.