Sustainable and social

Mobility Platform


With Carré Mobility, we want to create an innovative new mobility solution for the challenges of people in suburban areas. By combining the services: "drive-yourself", "ride along" and "bring along", we promise more cost-effective mobility, more social interaction and a certain security of supply.

Our focus is not on the centres of the big cities, but we want to bring a needs-based mobility solution directly into the residential quarters.


Digital Realization

The Carré mobility platform will be available via a smartphone app for all common operating systems and in future via a web application for residents and businesses in the neighbourhood.

The following functions are included in our digital solution:


  • Driving license validation

  • Reservation/payment system

  • Booking overview

  • Open / close vehicles

  • Further information


  • Enter and edit carpooling offers / requests (destination, number of passengers, etc.)

  • Notifications about new offers or requests

In General:

  • In-App Chat Function

  • Calendar overview

  • Overview of credit balances,

  • Overview of valuations

  • Contact support


  • Enter and edit bring-along offers / requests (destination, number of passengers, etc.)

  • Notifications about new offers or requests

Our User-Stories

For a better understanding of how the services work we have developed user stories for each service, find out how Sam, Jess and Ed use our solutions:

Organizational Frame

With Carré Mobility, we are pursuing an inclusive approach - even when introducing a new mobility platform. As a matter of principle, we always proceed together with a partner from the housing industry.

Together with the partner, a site-specific concept is developed that takes into account and responds to local characteristics. A participatory approach can also be pursued together with the local residents.

Every start of operations begins with a joint introductory event for local residents, including a trial course and software tutorials. The entire operation is accompanied by continuous communication.