Drive Yourself


With the "drive yourself" function, every Carré user can use the vehicles of the neighbourhood's own mobility platform. The provided vehicles can be arranged in an individual constellation. We strive to cover all possible demand situations with the vehicle combination.

Therefore our portfolio ranges from cars to pedelecs:


Our goal is to provide the most suitable solution to the community!

How it works:


34 years old


Sam is a young family man and has mobility needs like everyone else. He can use public transport to get to work, but for other destinations, such as taking the family to the park or shopping, this is difficult.

With the Carré function "drive yourself" he can have the advantages of using a vehicle alone without having to bear the permanent costs for it. The example "adventure playground" shows how it works:

  1. With the help of the Carré App, Sam reserves one of the cars for next Saturday between 2 and 5 p.m. - he leaves the functions "ride along" or "bring along" switched off, as the whole family is coming along.

  2. On the day of use he can simply open the car via the app.

  3. When the car is opened, the time recording begins, whereby parking is considered passive use.

  4. The family has a great time at the playground.

  5. Punctually at 5 pm, they put the car back in the home station and finish the booking via the app.

  6. By locking the car the duration is calculated and the user fee is charged.

  7. Billing according to the selected billing cycle.